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LeConte Title is an attorney-owned and operated company dedicated to meeting all of your real estate needs in a personal, professional manner. We strive to be efficient, responsive, and friendly. Our goal is to make your transaction as stress-free as possible.

We are particularly attuned to the unique requirements and needs of realtors. We have designed our processes, technologies and staffing around these needs. We want to become a trusted part of your team, and our mission is to provide proactive support, with obsessive, detail-oriented service. Our goal is to ensure smooth transactions, resulting in content and impressed sellers and buyers. Our philosophy is that our success largely depends upon the success and earned trust of our realtor clients. There is simply nothing more important to us than the relationships we build with our realtor friends and clients.

Our Story

LeConte Title was formed as an extension of legal work conducted by Young, Williams & Ward Law Firm of Knoxville. The law firm, which traces its origin to 1915, provides sophisticated legal services to business clients. Through the course of buying and selling businesses and properties for its clients,  attorneys were often engaged with complex title insurance issues. To ensure their clients received the highest quality service and product with their title insurance, the firm founded LeConte Title.

The formation of LeConte Title allows the attorney-owned insurance company to oversee property transactions, ensuring the highest quality title product. Today, the title company’s reputation for solving “impossible” title problems has garnered a loyal following of clients, including residential home buyers, sellers, and builders. In addition, LeConte Title proudly represents the nation’s largest home-builder, and is solely responsible for closing all of their Knoxville-area transactions.

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LeConte Title helped me purchase a commercial property that had an incredibly complicated title backstory. The folks at LeConte Title were tenacious digging through the title history and making sure I had a clean title. I’m very grateful to the experienced professionals at LeConte Title — my deal hinged on their abilities. Thankfully, I was able to launch my business on my dream property!

~ H. Rogers, Knoxville Business Owner